20.00 USD

Access To pre-released Games, access to the server while I'm building/working, You Also Get Access To More Utilities That only People With Amethyst, Ruby, Royal, and staff Can Access,  access to daily raffles! You Will Also Get Access To The Radio Station Which Means When You Type /oa player (your name) (the link to your chosen song) Then Press Enter, Your Chosen song Will Play! The Audio Will Only Be Played To You And NOBODY Else! You get access to more coins, cosmetics (coming soon!), Ruby chat tag/prefix, access to daily raffles! You will also get 1000000  coins that are used for anything also you also get 5 Extra entries into the weekly 1 Million coin giveaway that can be used for anything. MORE PERKS WILL BE ADDED LATER ON :) JoktopiaMC 2020 - 2021

By Buying This Package This Helps Out Our Server A Lot! All Of The Money Will Go STRAIGHT Back To Paying For The Server! (gifting currently does NOT WORK) You Will Get MORE Permissions Then Others